Siebert Surfboards no Grass is Greener

Nesta última semana recebemos o convite do Kyle Lightner para participar do GiG:

"it wasnt even two weeks ago that i came across your wooden surf designs. i was talking outloud to myself at my computer as i was looking at your shapes "man, this guy is sick- his boards are literally thee most beautiful wooden shapes i have ever seen. literally felipe, i was on your siebert blog for over a half hour, in awe. im very glad you contacted us, cause i would love nothing more than to ask you to be apart of the GiG family.

we are a group of artists, photographers, surfers, and shapers that all share the love for the true roots in our world of wave riding- and i think you felipe, and siebert surfboards would be yet another perfect match.

let me know what you think. we are currently working on assembling the family, then getting artshows world wide, considering we have members in brazil, japan, australia, UK, uruguay, mexico, france, portugal, and puerto rico. we have been getting a great response with GiG, and don't see it stopping any time soon- its all about growth!

felipe, let us know if youd like to be apart of the family- id love to do an artist profile on you and siebert.

take care, and enjoy beautiful brazil!

Kyle L. @ GiG"

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